General course

for everybody

Increase your level of English in all aspects: speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar

Preparation for school exams

for pupils

High-quality preparation for final exams in all aspects: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar

Specialized courses

for individuals

Developing an individual program to meet the student's needs with the focus on required topics (technology, law, medicine, etc.)

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Business course

for career development

Increase your level of proficiency for successful negotiations with partners and communication with colleagues


1. Not sufficient!
Skype lessons do not give enough information
2. No books for learning
How to study without books?
3. Students can cheat
A child can try to do the task dishonestly and open task keys on their screen which the teacher doesn't see
4. If I do not like it?
How can I be sure that I will like online lesson?
1. Sufficient!
Hundreds of our students have become successful students at Ukrainian and foreign Universities
2. British materials!
All materials for lessons in Word or pdf are easily sent to students
3. Complete control
Tasks are designed so that the student has no time to use the extra help
4. A free trial lesson!
A free trial lesson allows you to get acquainted with our teachers and a course program

Our teachers

Experience: 27 years

Teacher of the highest category, methodologist, organizer of internships in the UK


I needed help to prepare for my school exam in English. Our classes were always in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the information was performed in an accessible form. I got 195 points from 200 possible and entered the University of my dream!

Anna Kubareva, Mariupol

Experience: 19 years

Finalist of the American program Teaching Excellence and Achievements (TEA), 'The Teacher of the year - 2009'


Hi, my name is Max. I've been studying English with Andriy Yaroslavovich for three years, and honestly, I'm very happy with the result. With such a teacher you will undoubtedly fall in love with English! I know for sure!

Max Kushnov, Kiev

Experience: 42 years

School methodologist, specialist and consultant on the preparation for International exams


In Grade 11 I knew exactly that I would be studying in England. Thanks to Galina Anatolievna, her knowledge and experience I managed to pass the International exams successfully and pursue my dream. Now I am studying in London at King's College, where I can freely listen to lectures in English and live in the English speaking society.

Dmitriy Poliivets, London
Anastasiya Rashkina , London

When I was undertaking an internship in a gorgeous town of Great Yarmouth with the teachers of 'Skype Your English' school a few years ago, I definitely fell in love with England. The journey provided an opportunity not only to practice English language skills, but also to experience the culture and traditions of England. I must admit that everything was exciting: excursions to historical places, walks along the coast, living in an English host family. Undoubtedly, the school lessons and communication practice helped me improve my level of English. Thanks to this trip, I have discovered new horizons of England, and now I am living in London and doing Master's degree at the University of Westminster.

Dmitriy Poliivets , London

I've been studying English since the 4th form, but the level of knowledge received at school left much to be desired. When I was in the 9th year, I began studying English with Andriy Yaroslavovich, and I noticed a significant improvement in my knowledge and language skills. Previously, many topics had seemed to me very difficult, but he was able to explain them in a very simple manner thanks to his wonderful materials and assignments. Now I am studying at King's College, London. And with the knowledge obtained from Andriy Yaroslavovich and Galina Anatolievna, I can easily listen to lectures in English and live in an English speaking society.

Max Kushnov, Kiev

Hi, my name is Max. I have been studying English via Skype for a year and, frankly speaking, I'm amazed at the result. It is very comfortable and cool. Now I have enough time to go to the gym and do my homework. It saves time. With the teachers who  work in SKYPE YOUR ENGLISH school, you will completely fall in love with English! I know for sure!

Anna Kubareva , Mariupol

I needed help to prepare for external independent testing in English in 2013. The classes were held in a friendly and  relaxed atmosphere, the information was supplied in an accessible form. I got 195 points out of 200 possible, and entered the University of my dream, namely Mariupol State University, speciality ' The Italian language and literature'. Today I successfully combine my third - year studying at the University and working as a teacher of Italian at Grammar School №2. I have also attended language courses at Universities in Italy. And although now the focus is on Italian, my knowledge of English allows me to improve it in many ways.

Victoria Lipatova, Mariupol

A year ago I started learning English via Skype. I had to prepare for the entrance exam in high school. We talked a lot in English, did very interesting exercises. This improved my language skills. I am proud of my teacher! I want to Express my gratitude to her for what she has done for me and my future. Luckily, I achieved my goal and entered the Lyceum, the group where English is studied profoundly. Now I strive to learn English perfectly. I go on studying in order to speak English fluently. I really like improving my English, and I'm going to learn it in order to achieve goals in the future. English is necessary for everybody!