About our school

We decided to create our own online English school SKYPE YOUR ENGLISH to unite efforts and have an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with everyone!  We have collected some of the best teachers, our associates, that we know personally and are always proud of! The teachers of our school are one happy family.  We've known each other for ages, working hand-in-hand, organizing internships and travel tours.

Our teachers have many years of experience:

  • successful teaching English to both schoolchildren and older audience;
  • thorough preparation for school final exams, IELTS and other international exams;
  • development of unique materials for lessons;
  • effective education of gifted students for participation in Olympiads and different competitions in the English language, including international (FLEX);
  • organization of training students of different age groups at schools in the UK;
  • participation in the American program for teachers 'Teaching Excellence and Achievements' and internships in the United States; 
  • participation and the best results in the contest 'Teacher of the year' at the municipal, regional and national level.

Our teachers know how to teach English! They are excellent psychologists and are able to find individual approach to each student. Your lessons will be:

        • interesting
        • informative
        • intensive

Since 2002, we have organized internships and training of schoolchildren in the UK. During this time, about 479 students of different age were enrolled in schools in England and received certificates with our help. We invite you to discover the UK and gain invaluable experience in the best British schools and Universities! We organize group and individual trips!

Everyone has his own purpose of learning English: University admissions, career development, studying abroad, travel, emigration, or self-development. We are attentive to each student and their individual needs. We value each teacher and student who decided to join us.


Sincerely Yours,

the organizers of the school
Andriy Golyutyak and Lyudmyla Totsyna