How it works

Why skypeyourenglish?

You want to learn English, but can't include in your schedule courses on a fixed schedule, because:

You often go on business trips

A busy work/study schedule often forces you to delay or cancel classes

You need an individual program based on your knowledge, abilities, skills and needs

You want to study with a teacher-native speaker

You have to waste your precious time to get to the teacher

You want to fill your schedule with interesting and useful activities

To have lessons with a good teacher you need to go very far

You get home late from work/study

Then, online-studying English via Skype is your choice!

I want a free trial lesson

English online-school skypeyourenglish offers!

  • Successful preparation for international exams such as TOEFL / IELTS / FCE / CAE / CPE.
  • NEW! British English course using a unique Frisby Method. Certificate from our partner 'Frisby's College'.
  • Our teachers have a degree in Philology, extensive teaching experience and practice in England and the United States.
  • Exciting classes with teachers-native speakers.
  • Lessons via Skype when it is convenient for you. An opportunity to reschedule the lesson. Flexible schedule.
  • Organization of training and education of our students of any age at language schools in Great Britain.
  • A flexible system of discounts and convenient lesson payment. Sales!
  • Individual selection of the course and teacher for each student.
  • Large selection of English language courses for different purposes, needs and levels.
  • All materials for the lessons – for free.
  • Help with translation of different documentation into English and other languages.
  • Study a second foreign language at our school: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish.

Everyone can become
a skypeyourenglish student of our school!

Lessons via Skype is a great way to learn a language for students of any age and occupation. At our school the lessons are conducted for students aged from 10 years old. Our students are school children, University students, and professionals working in various fields.

Online English classes via Skype – it's easy!

    For lessons via Skype you need:
  1. To use a headset (headphones and a microphone). Of course, you can do without them, but the sound quality may be worse.
  2. A stable Internet connection, because online lessons involve remote communication.
  3. To install Skype on your computer. Download for free: Skype

Lessons at skypeyourenglish are well-organized!

The teacher sends you necessary files

These are Word or PDF files, lesson plans invented by your teacher, games, dialogues, books to read, etc.

Readiness №1

Before the lesson the teacher writes to you in the Skype chat to know if you are ready to begin the lesson. Then the teacher makes a call.


On the screen you can see a page of the book and you answer questions, participate in a dialogue, and the teacher corrects you. The same pattern as during a class lesson. Skype chat is your Board.


At the end of the lesson you get home task, which is optional, if you want to achieve excellent results in learning the language.

Homework in one click!

The teacher selects the amount of homework so that its implementation is feasible. You will receive as many tasks as you have time to do, considering your level and schedule. You and your teacher choose the way to send homework: on e-mail; via Skype; in your shared folder on Google Disk or any other cloud service. Before the beginning of the next lesson, the student sends homework to his teacher. The teacher corrects mistakes or merely highlights the problematic aspects of the homework assignment to be able to discuss and correct them together with the student at the beginning of the next class.

Online training 'Skype Your English' is a modern method for you! 'Communication should be taught only through communication'

Communicative approach is actively keeping the first line in the popularity rating methods of studying the English language today. It focuses on the practice of communication, after all, the main objective of the training is the ability to interact in an English speaking society.

The man who has completely mastered all grammatical rules and knows how to construct sentences correctly, can detect problems in real communication in a foreign language. Those who want to be professional in a particular field, regularly read publications in international journals in the original. Having a large vocabulary, they can easily understand texts, but it may be difficult for them to maintain a conversation with a foreign colleague on the same topic.

Using communicative approach at lessons, our teachers will help you remove the fear of communication. You will start speaking English from the first lesson, even if your level is low.

Any language training is based on 4 components: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The focus at our school is on the last two ones.

  • Speaking
    To overcome the language barrier and learn a foreign language, it is necessary to speak all the time! This is the main principle of studying at 'Skype Your English'. At each lesson the teacher will encourage you to communicate, offering a variety of communicative exercises: picture description, discussion of texts and films, expressing opinion, etc.
  • Listening
    It is very important to develop the skills of understanding foreign speech. You will listen to dialogues, songs, short stories in English with the subsequent fulfillment of tasks. The teacher will advise you some interesting videos, films and TV shows with subtitles which you'll be happy to watch and discuss at your lessons.
  • Reading
    The teacher will advise you to read works by modern English and American authors depending on your level (adapted or in the original). You will discuss chapters and do training exercises. The teacher can also include reading of contemporary online publications and news in the original into the program.
  • Writing
    Although this aspect is not the key, the ability to express your thoughts in writing is also important. Those who study General English, learn to write essays and informal letters. Business English course is designed to teach writing business letters of different character: a letter to your partner, a cover letter, a request, etc.
  • To enrich your vocabulary significantly is easy!

    The teacher will offer you exercises to practice new vocabulary that will allow you to remember new words without any efforts, and will share interesting programs and applications for training vocabulary.

  • Studying grammar without getting bored!

    This important aspect at our school is simple and affordable. The teacher will explain grammar using elementary examples, and you will immediately begin to consolidate them in oral speech, using a lot of effective training exercises.

  • Individual approach to each student!

    We understand that each person is unique, so we use an individual approach in work with our students. At the introductory lesson, the teacher determines the level of your knowledge and learns about your preferences in the learning process. Further, the teacher creates an individual program depending on your goals, abilities and skills. In the process of teaching English at our school the teacher monitors students' progress and adjusts the program when necessary. Every teacher is proud of the achievements of their students, so your success is very important!

  • Do not wait until tomorrow – start studying English right now!
    1. Fill in an 'I want a free trial lesson' form. During the day you will be contacted by an administrator of 'Skype Your English' to confirm the date and time of the trial lesson.
    2. Take a free introductory lesson with the teacher, who we recommend. At our school you can choose a teacher, if his schedule will coincide with yours. At an introductory lesson tell the teacher about yourself, your goals and wishes, find out your level of English.
    3. Pay for any amount of lessons. The more paid lessons, the bigger discount you get!
    4. Receive access to training files and start improving your English under the guidance of experienced masters! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!