Alla SYE

Teaching experience: 27 years Teacher of the highest category, methodologist, organizer of internships in the UK

Hello everyone! I am Alla. My teaching experience is 27 years, I am a teacher of high qualification grade and a specialist in teaching methods. I have an experience of working in regular classes and in classes with profound study of English. After my lessons many of my students hone and test their knowledge in internships in the UK, where I often accompany them. I prefer to train students for the State Final Examination and the External Independent Testing, as well as to work with high school students and adults.

For the last 7 years I have been teaching English in an educational institution that trains sailors, during this period of time my textbooks and learning guides: "English language Course for sailors", "English for motormen", "English for ship electricians" were published. That’s why I will be happy to teach future sailors, seafaring personnel, namely seamen, motormen, ship electricians, cooks, boatswains, ship welders. 

I love my teaching work and hope the feeling is mutual. I enjoy going through the time of preparing for my lessons and learning something new.

I'm Libra by horoscope, so I try to avoid conflicts and most commonly I succeed in. I think that I'm diplomatic and friendly on the one hand, but objective and fair on the other. In addition, I love creativity in work and I do not hesitate to break stereotypes. I love travelling and I am not afraid of fundamental changes in life. I do not consider the work a sense of life, however I prefer the harmony in all things and know how to get its "high" conveying this my very state to my students and colleagues.