Andriy SYE

Teaching experience: 19 years Finalist of the American program Teaching Excellence and Achievements (TEA), 'The Teacher of the year - 2009'

Hello! I am Andrew. I can tell you a lot about my students and myself, as I have been teaching English for 19 years! Every year I find new techniques and methods for working with my students and a new path for my own development.

In 2009 I became a winner of the competition "Teacher of the Year" in my city, and then in my region and finally I became one of the top five teachers at the National level.

In 2010 I took part in the American International programme for teachers “Teaching Excellence and Achievements” and became a finalist of the programme and was trained in Nevada University (USA).

Undoubtedly, my main achievement is the success of my students, who became winners of the English academic competitions from local to national levels, finalists of the American program FLEX, winners of the Small Academy of Sciences.

In any case, the language is only a tool that helps you to go further, to develop, to communicate, to achieve success! For me, besides the fact that English is my profession, it is an excellent vehicle for travelling, my favorite pastime. I have visited more than 20 countries, annually since 2002 I have been accompanying my students to the United Kingdom and organizing language courses for them there.

Learning a foreign language is not an easiest thing, but it may become easier, more exciting and interesting if you have some desire and a little will power!

I hope you will be one of my best students and a successful person!